Virtual Earth Day

SHP’s annual Earth Day event went virtual due to restrictions on public gatherings. Check out the Virtual Earth Day Challenge and our Virtual Earth Day Music Gallery.

“Bring Your Own Bag” Ordinance Update
Sustainable Highland Park was awarded a $10,000 grant in 2017 to voluntarily reduce the use of  carry-out plastic bags.  We spent more than a year educating our community about the dangers of  plastic bags. As a result of our work, we decided as a town to pass a model ordinance called “Bring Your Own Bag” to ban plastic bags and charge for paper bags.  Learn more about our campaign and our ordinance here


Everyone’s Farm

Our mission is to provide a hub in which to gather, share, and engage in ongoing learning and discussion about growing our own food, while providing each other with knowledge, skills, and support as we learn how to garden anywhere. Everyone’s Farm will provide outreach education to our whole community right in the very spaces in which we all live, helping everyone learn how we can grow our own nourishment everywhere through cooperation, innovation, and regeneration. Together.

Everyone’s Farm Goals: 
1. Teach residents basic gardening skills
2. Encourage self-reliance
3. Improve residents’ health
4. Encourage water conservation, waste reduction and recycling
5. Create social activities for seniors
6. Empower youth
7. Beautify yards and Borough site grounds
8. Increase site and overall property values
9. Build community through shared experiences reconnecting with nature
10. Foster a connection between healthy food choices and wellness, gardening as an exercise activity, and the positive effects of supporting locally grown food on the environment, individual and global health, and the community

Everyone’s Farm Action Steps:
* Identify community partners
* Schedule meetings to plan activities and design garden spaces 
* Select appropriate locations
* Hold regular garden gatherings
* Document and publicize progress and successes
Please get in touch with us through the Sustainable Highland Park website:  or through Wendy Rosen, Everyone’s Farm Coordinator: